Export voucher

Providing production services such as promotional video, website, electronic catalog, and BI/CI

Production cost reduction and satisfactory video quality through export vouchers​

Export voucher

What is the export voucher business?

Export vouchers are issued for companies to help them gain access to Export Assistance Projects. In this context, these vouchers can be seen as a means of payment for public administration services.

Export vouchers is a new business platform launched to support participating companies in terms of giving vouchers. Companies who received vouchers can directly select the necessary services and the desired executing organization(X-One) from the list of export assistance services in order to conduct overseas marketing.

1. 수출바우처사업 메뉴판


Main service of executing organization (X-One)

promotional video

With more than 20 years of experience, we have rich know-how in producing promotional videos and systematic process. Enjoy high-quality videos and 2-minute promotional video supporting services produced by high-tech equipments.

Foreign language homepage

Creating homepage as a responsive homepage means there is no need to develop a separate mobile page! X-ONE helps you reduce time and cost in developing various languages and display environments.

Electronic Catalogs

As more than half of consumers make their purchasing decisions through catalogs, a proper catalog will play a significant role in company’s overseas exporting section. Create a catalog in various languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, etc. now!